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On Sunday July 26, the feast of Santa Ana, celebrated the open house for couples with marriage prospects for short or long term. It was a day destined to offer and show Vall de Nuria as ideal for celebrations of this kind place, and I have to say that … was a success !!. Couples who registered, cataloged all the day with a rating of “very good” in relation to the service provided, therefore, and unintentionally fall into immodesty, we detail some sample comments that were presented participants:

“A wonderful place, unique, magical … Ideal at any time of year”

“insurmountable attention, good service, good food and lovely surroundings”

“Very good treatment in general. Great tasting. Very good wines. Chaplain very kind and friendly.”

“Very good reception, accompaniment and presentation. All excellent “

“Fantastic! The staff of Vall de Nuria has served us very kindly. Nuria Valley is actually an ideal and unique place to get married. They have convinced us! “



Thank you very much to you for your support and your comments, and we were very glad that you have taken into consideration our beloved valley. Now only when you bear the final step, counting on Vall de Nuria as a solid choice to celebrate your unforgettable day.

Be happy,

Text: Francesc Arrebola

Pictures: vall de Núria

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Hiking for seniors …has no pejorative character, on the contrary, the word senior as the Dictionary defines, among other things, as the person above 21 years edat sportsman. So, it seems a good label to identify those people who lead a healthy life, are interested in direct contact with nature, have free time and are excited about walking or on a recommendation from your doctor, or because they are simply passionate exercise in natural environments.

In Vall de Nuria you have it easy with over 150 km. of marked trails, a variety of flora and fauna and a unique environment. Continuing activities related to hiking and included within the mark “Trek & Walk” we want to present a product designed for people from Sunday to Thursday can take a break for three days to walk, relax and enjoy our gastronomy of Ripollés product. With the advice of our professional guides and with free delivery of a complete and detailed plan where you can find every one of the different trails and localized by level and time of travel, I think will have optimal conditions for a good stay with us.


If you are interested you can make your reservations through the web of Vall de Nuria and organize yourselves in a few days to discover the Valley for a very attractive price, … we take care of the rest.

You’ll have a great summer and see you soon,

Text: Francesc Arrebola

Picture: Vall de Núria

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Vall de Núria - ilumina2 photo -  (18)_b

Today we’ll talk about those different sew to do in Vall de Nuria, and perhaps none of ye were proposed or simply unaware … Getting married in Vall de Nuria. This day for many couples, can be a very special day in Vall de Nuria, and here you can find all the conditions so that this day is unforgettable.

The magnificent setting of the environment of Vall de Nuria, the solemnity and majesty of the Sanctuary of Virgin of Núria with the granting of the title of Menor Basilica last year 2014, a new lounge and restaurant with every comfort and can accommodate more 200 people, plus the Hotel Vall de Núria with the Sant Josep building recently renovated and where will enjoy a different stay at 2,000 m. altitude. Sure your family and friends not forget a celebration of these features, and memory, both for the couple and for the relatives and friends are convinced that it will be forever.


So far we have had the honor to receive many couples who have chosen Nuria to make your wedding celebration, so we are not new to this, and between partners, family and friends, there are many people who have lived the experience of a wedding and experience different sensations above. For this reason we encourage you to send us any comment, reflection or what you consider if you celebrated a wedding in Vall de Nuria, explaining your experience. We can send you our email or comment on this post.

Vall de Núria - ilumina2 photo -  (81)_b

We have strong commitment for this service, and for this reason we have organized an open day for the next day 26 juliol where couples who wish to pre-register i offer them the possibility to see our facilities with a guided tour, do a tasting wedding menu, see the distribution of tables, question and exchange views with the Hotel Management or the chaplain’s own everything you can think of.

Have no doubt, it is a good option to have all the guarantees that your wedding is what you’ve always dreamed of …

See you soon,



Text: Francesc Arrebola

Pictures: Vall de Núria

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Nuria Valley and Jungfrau in Switzerland are twinned since 2011 in which an agreement of brotherhood and cooperation between the two establishments was signed. Today’s post is the visit to personally did a few weeks ago, this spectacular place, so that you can describe the feelings at this wonder of nature more than 3,000 meters.


As important fact we must say that climbs to the highest railway station in Europe at 3,454 m. This journey is beginning to Interlaken, the nearest town with a distance of more than two hours to the Jungfrau, but we prefer to spend the night with the caravan on a camping in Grindelwald, the village is down, and go up from there. The day before we visited the Harder Kulm in Interlaken a beautiful place with great views of the two lakes where the city is embedded fantastic. We came up with a cable car up to 1,322 m. Contact the company of “our brothers” Jungfrauban Daniela who treated us wonderfully (again thank you Daniela …)


The ride to the Jungfrau from Grindelwald is spectacular, it must be said that the weather accompanied us (like every day …) and it was a splendid sun. First we got into a green and yellow train to Kleine Scheidegg slice up. During the trip impresses the intense green fields of Switzerland, and the fairytale landscape that appears before your eyes, … all items (mountain, house, cow, tree …) are distributed harmoniously, making the visual spectacle is of ecstasy. Although we got up early following the advice of Daniela, already the train goes quite full, and pay our attention to the large number of tourists Oriental groups are overwhelmingly against the Europeans. A station Kleine Scheidegg where we change trains and take the red train, it is a bit chaotic for many people and groups who at the time was preparing to occupy the units arranged in swaths, but we went to one of workers and then tells us that we train to climb. We check that it is an older unit, and suppose that due to the large number of people have had to take all the available material.


We started the final climb to the Jungfrau and when we entered the first tunnel the train stops and starts to back up a small station that had just passed. Then the reviewer informs us in German and in perfect English that the train would be stopped for a while because they had had a breakdown a few meters above and could not move until it is repaired. The truth is that we were informed promptly and let us leave the train during almost an hour we waited. We must also say who gave us a card to invite us to take a drink each passenger once we got to the Jungfrau. Therefore a great deal … We continue climbing up, up … making two stops to look through the galleries, the spectacular glacier through the large windows placed strategically.


Once leeway to go up each and every one of the services they offer. The first seal our passport as official visitors to the Jungfrau, then we visited the stores, including chocolate, “Lindt” where you get a free chocolate and if you like chocolate so worth it, the Palace of spectacular ice with those figures as well made, exit the “Plateau” for taking photos outside with views of the glacier, and where just before leaving discovered a photograph of Vall de Nuria symptom of brotherhood with the Jungfrau. Finally the “fun-zone” of snow where our daughters and ourselves open eyes as an “orange” to see people skiing, sleds, toboggans, and a “wild” zip line running from end to end in the area. We were almost to the beach and opened to us the possibility of being able to ski !! … just magical …


After lunch already we take only the latest family photos on the terrace from the highest point, and quickly take the train down neatly in the tail of shipment. Once on the train, already tired from the excitement of the day, with small sleepy again and enjoying the green, green … a different green landscape of the Swiss Alps.

We say goodbye with the hope of returning to visit our “big brother” another day. Furthermore you have to know that from Nuria you can provide a better-off 50% of the Jungfrau rack for up to 4 people. So you can apply at the Information Office of Vall de Nuria will gladly facilitate it.

We leave you some direction of interest if you want to find more information and we challenge you to upcoming stories Vall de Nuria:

See you soon,

Text and pictures: Francesc Arrebola

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No doubt … and if there was, they vanished on Saturday, with the first customers enjoyed the tour “Route Baixador of Fontalba.” We knew that is ideal for people who want to enter the world of trekking product, when last season with the recommendations of our guides we create this product once we check in first person how is spectacular and different to other routes.


The impressive waterfall Fontalba, explanations of flora, fauna and geological aspects of our guides make the journey becomes very pleasant and relaxed. If all this we add the breakfast to be enjoyed in one of the most spectacular locations, it is all said … Well, we lacked the acid test with our first customers: Noemi Casas and Aidan O’Shaughnessy who enjoyed this route . Once they arrived at Vall de Nuria had occasion to have an exchange of views with them, and found that all had gone well, from the moment the train makes an exclusive stop for them in Fontalba, until arrival at Vall de Nuria by midday … we even explain that they saw a herd of chamois.


We leave a gift in the form of words that Noemi sent the next day of the tour:

“It was the first time we made a trip of this kind and we were not disappointed! The views, spectacular breakfast and very good livestock after the climb and especially the guides a 10! You could tell they knew the area very well and took a good rhythm to our level of beginners in hiking. Totally recommended! “.

Noemi !, Thank you very much you We appreciate it and it motivates us to continue down the line to create similar products within the brand Trek&Walk for people to enjoy our environment and have a good time …


Remember you can make the booking directly from the website of Núria the next link where you will find, among other products Trek&Walk, this route. You also know that for the first 50 customers have gift t-shirts everyone who point to do this tour. Remember next July 4.

Finally we leave you a video, and we encourage you to prove that the “resemblance to reality this is NOT coincidence”

Greetings friends and followers Nuria Valley!!

Text: Francesc Arrebola

Pictures and video: Vall de Núria


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TOURIST BUS (from Barcelona to Vall de Nuria)

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Barcelona. Catalunya Square


Ribes de Freser. Enllaç Station


The Barcelona Tourist Bus arrives at Nuria Valley … well come to Ribes de Freser where we take the rack railway (the highest rack railway in southern Europe) that I will go to the Valley of Núria, because we know that Nuria vehicles can’t reach … of course … a full day in the Valley of Núria from the center of Barcelona (in Catalunya square) with the Tourist Bus. A partnership agreement we have now launched a few weeks ago and is being well accepted by customers who want to experience the contrast of the landscape of our country, and have the “sea level” at an altitude of 2,000 meters in a day, with the comfort of a bus service exclusively for this activity.

We think it is a day where all activities are included are a very imporP1030429_btant attractive individually, so from the time that everything is included in a set, the end result has to be for very satisfactory strength to customers, as it may be otherwise, … whenever we talk:

  • A rack railway ride through the cliffs of the river Nuria
  • A guided tour in the Valley
  • A very suggestive tasting products of Vall de Ribes

From here, free time to enjoy the natural environment of Núria, or who decides to practice some of the activities offered in summer, until the rack railway leave you again in Ribes de Freser with Bus tourist that will take you back to Barcelona.


An ideal way for people wanting to learn more from other areas of Catalonia and will not be enough to stay only with all the cultural and cosmopolitan stream emanating from a big city like Barcelona.

We leave a link in the web of “Catalunya Bus Turístic” where you will find all the necessary information, and where you can directly booking.

If you urge hope not to disappoint you…!!

Text: Francesc Arrebola

Pictures: Vall de Núria

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I want to introduce our brand of walking, “TREK & WALK” that from now on will be our reference in activities related to walking in the mountains in the environment of Vall de Nuria. We have prepared various activities tagged with this brand that will let you discover the more than 150 km. of trails and roads, and many species of flora and fauna, all well “mixed” with the wonderful landscape that reveals the Valley once the snow is gone.



Different activities for everyone “Enjoy the summer as never before” from walks around the buildings of Vall de Nuria for all ages, excursions or hiking trips for the more adventurous, a ‘Baptism of Hiking “for beginners on a fantastic journey of the three valleys (Eina, Noufonts and Noucreus) that will captivate the senses, or why not …? You want to see birds? We have also outputs “birdwatching” prepared. Discover little traffic routes such as the “Bajador of Fontalba” or visual moments with magnificent sunsets on the “Sunset outputs”.

Well, we invite you to review the information published on our web since you will get used to the brand Trek & Walk that will be synonymous with offers, gifts and adventures to discover in the environment of Vall de Nuria. You can make the reservation of your trek to:

We leave a small “snack” with images of what you will find if you come to Vall de Nuria so,… Enjoy the Valley as never before !!

Text: Francesc Arrebola

Pictures and Video: Vall de Núria